Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three Out of Three Ain't Bad

Barn owner fires gun, deters burglary
A homeowner fired a gun into the air and captured one of three people allegedly burglarizing his barn early Wednesday morning, police say.
He fired the gun to scare away the burglars. It worked. One of the three took off in the get-away-truck, and the other two were left on foot. The homeowner got 1. Police got the other 2.
David A. Fortier, 22, of Canaan, and Damien Shane Towers, 19, of Skowhegan, are both charged with burglary and theft. Rachelle R. Clukey, 19, of Cornville, is charged with theft by receiving stolen property.
An armed homeowner stopped three miscreants, and no one got shot.

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