Monday, August 23, 2010

Did You Know He Was a Cop?

You have to read through an awful lot of copy, before you realize that the madman with a gun in Manila was a cop, recently dismissed for cause. Gunman, tourists killed in Manila hostage drama
Mr. Mendoza’s brother, Gregorio, told a local TV station that his brother was upset by his dismissal from the force. Local media said he had been sacked for reasons including extortion, and due to his sacking he had lost his retirement benefits.
He claimed, via his brother, that he was dismissed unfairly with no due process.

But would an honest cop's next step be to turn into a terrorist and kill innocent people on a bus? I don't think so, but perhaps I am underestimating just how messed up the Manila police force is. (Based on this, it seems fairly messed up.) Either way, there is some problem in the force.

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