Saturday, August 07, 2010

Don't Bring a Pipe to a Gunfight

This has to be a pretty stupid criminal. Charges pending DA investigation after Jasper County shooting - CBS 19 - The Eye of East Texas News - 

The first interaction: The woman resident confronts a prowler and fires a warning shot. (So the fact that she is armed is known to the trespasser.)

Things went downhill the second time around.
The homeowner fired a warning shot and the woman left.

Chief Deputy Ralph Nichols tells about ten minutes after this happened the homeowner heard dogs barking and she went outside to investigate. She says she confronted the same woman who pulled out a pipe. The homeowner fired 4 shots at the woman and called 9-1-1.
Since police don't make decisions about who goes to trial, the only thing stated is that the DA will have to make that determination. (Can you spell "self-defense?" Which is legal in the Great State of Texas.)

So why on earth would you go back and threaten someone you know to be armed with a gun, when you are armed only with a piece of pipe? Stupid. The idiot woman got shot four times for her trouble. Once in the abdomen, and three times in the leg. She is in stable condition at a local hospital.

Self-defense is a human right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

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