Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I Thought Cooperation Was Supposed to Ensure Safety

Lots of people who don't like the idea of self-defense and armed, law-abiding citizens are always going on about how you should "just give them what they want," and you will be safe. Didn't work out that way this time. Orlando shooting robbery: Man leaving Orlando nightclub is shooting victim -
Orlando police Lt. John Holysz said the victim suffered a gunshot wound to his chest after handing over his wallet and money to an armed robber near Orange Avenue and Robinson Street.
Yeah, read that last bit again. He was shot AFTER he handed over money and wallet.

Cooperation is a strategy. I happen to think it is a fairly poor strategy, but you can have different opinions. Of course since the victim was leaving an establishment that gets most of its money from serving booze, he was - by law (even in Florida) - disarmed.

And those people who say "give them what they want" never mention a woman confronted by a rapist. Convenient, that.

You go ahead and impersonate a sheep, the next time you are confronted by a wolf (or a common criminal). Just don't expect me to share in your delusional behavior.

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