Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Self-defense Legal in Colorado

Not sure why it took 2 months to determine that, but it is what they determined. DA: Homeowner Justified In Fatal Shooting

The dead guy was looking for someone who was not home, so he said to the resident, "I guess then we need to take you hostage." He kicked in the door, and for his trouble was shot once. He died in a local hospital a short time later.
Under Colorado law, any occupant of a dwelling is justified in using deadly physical force against another person when that person has unlawfully entered the dwelling and the occupant reasonably believes that the person has committed or is committing or intends to commit a crime and the occupant reasonably believes that person might use any physical force, no matter how slight against any occupant. This is commonly known as the “make my day” law and any person who fits the above definition is immune from criminal prosecution.
Self-defense is your human right, and in Colorado, it is also your legal right.

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