Saturday, August 07, 2010

You Brits Use Too Much Health Care

So what happens when you put government in charge of health care? You get rationing. GPs must cut back on medicines: NHS officials - Telegraph
A report has been drawn up for primary care trusts, GPs and new GP commissioning consortia listing 15 common drugs where savings can be made.

The list includes some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the NHS including statins for high cholesterol, broad spectrum antibiotics for infections, obesity drugs and sleeping tablets.
Never mind the cholesterol... have some bangers and mash. Heart attack? Stroke? Don't you realize we are trying to save money?

I don't always agree with doctors, but in this case....
Doctors said patients' needs must come first and no one should be denied drugs because of finances.
Oh the joys of socialized medicine.

Oh, and on the subject of saving (or wasting?) money... Inadequate NHS websites cost more than £86 million per year
An internal NHS review has found that the health service spends up to £86million a year on thousands of websites that fail to meet the public's needs.
I wonder how much cholesterol medication you could buy for £86 million?

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Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"no one should be denied drugs because of finances."

Funny, I seem to remember hearing that somewhere else. Oh, yeah! All the socialists clamoring for government run health care keep saying that.

It's almost like socialism doesn't really fix the problem, or something.~