Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Blissful State of Health Care in the UK

I've missed some of the news from the UK. Here are a couple of highlights.

Government orders action on 'chemical cosh' which kills thousands - Telegraph
Last year a major report found that 180,000 patients are prescribed the treatments each year, despite the fact they do not benefit three quarters of those given them, and can cause death, or major side effects, such as strokes.
So much for "First, do no harm."

I bet the drug companies love the income and the staff in care facilities like the quiet patients.

Surgeons 'lack professionalism': Lancet medical journal - Telegraph Just another bunch of government employees?
A recent independent report found concerns over inadequately equipped operating theatres and a lack of anaesthetists and emergency care.

There was a statutory obligation to participate in the audit yet only half of centres actually did.
I wonder what the penalty is for not following that law? I wonder the UK would do if half the taxpayers decided not to follow other "statutory obligations?"

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