Thursday, September 16, 2010

Exercise Your Constitutional Rights, Get Added to a Terror List

Lawsuit planned after protesters put on terror list - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Be a group of peaceful protesters and you too can be added to the terror lists.

A 25 ft inflatable pig, used at protests about government waste was one of the things being monitored. The guy who owns the pig is a bit outraged.

One of the things being protested is natural gas drilling using the fracking method of breaking the limestone bedrock. People believe it can cause contamination of ground water. (I make no claims on that for or against). So by showing up at meetings on the subject - public meetings - and expressing an opinion, this group was apparently added to a terror watch list compiled by some non-profit outfit with a contract with the state. (See, if there are no threats, the contract is not worth anything, so there must be "threats" even if they are bogus.)
Drilling industry opponents said they pose no danger. Barbara Pribila, 45, a founder of the anti-drilling Lincoln Place Action Group, said she never considered herself a rebel — and certainly not a threat to homeland security.

"I thought this was a free country and I was allowed to have my own opinion," Pribila said. "Now what, you're going to watch me and every move I make? That's not right."
More and more like a police state all the time.

(I forget. Is natural gas a green fuel, or not?)

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