Saturday, September 04, 2010

Focus on The Family Wants More Gays Beat Up in School

That seems to be their message lately. They are all anti-anti-bullying. Focus on the Family Goes After LGBT Students | Teaching Tolerance They seem to miss a few things.

First, the case of Jamie Nabozny, a student in a Wisconsin school who was kicked in the stomach so many times he required surgery, faced an environment akin to torture, and a school administration who laughed at him. They laughed right up until they had to cough up a million bucks in a lawsuit that is.

There is a problem.
86 percent of LGBT students report being bullied - a rate almost three times higher than students in general. The federal government reports that openly gay and lesbian students are at an even higher risk of bias-related violence and physical assaults. Lesbian, gay and bisexual adolescents are more than twice as likely as their straight peers to be depressed and contemplate suicide. More than 60 percent report feeling unsafe at school.
And here I thought we should do everything to make schools safe places. Maybe Focus on the Family doesn't think so.

Or maybe getting through the day without being beaten bloody, or sent to the hospital is one of those "special rights" gays and lesbians are always trying to get.

And hiding behind generic anti-bullying campaigns doesn't work. People react better more definitive lists of who is the target of bullying.
Schools become safer for everyone when they adopt anti-bullying policies that spell out the categories of students most frequently targeted by bullies—including race, religion, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.
Hate is not a family value. Letting kids get beat up in school is not the way to improve education, and being free from harassment for living is not a "special right."


Eck! said...
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Eck! said...

Went to the site, listened, read and..

The level of doublespeak and propagandizing is makes the term hyperbole seem seriously inadequate.

Sounds much too much like the big lie.
They believe it and shall endeavor to keep repeating it.