Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Government Wants to Control Where You Live

Don't be fooled by the name. American Thinker: The Livable Communities Act They will decide what types of communities are livable, not the people who actually live there.
But social engineering is at the heart of the Livable Communities Act, where federal planners hope to reduce personal mobility as measured in vehicle miles traveled and shift housing patterns from single-family homes in the suburbs to small apartments in cramped central cities.

In a country as large and diverse as ours, some people will prefer the live-work-travel arrangements prescribed for in the Livable Communities Act, which is based on the Smart Growth planning doctrine. However, the vast majority of Americans in red and blue states alike have long aspired to live in suburban homes with a car in the garage.

This quintessentially middle-class version of the American Dream has long been derided by elites and environmentalists, who recast suburbs as a wasteful sprawl and liken automobile use to a destructive addiction. They want to delegitimize this land use pattern, restrict automobile use, and make suburban housing less affordable. The Livable Communities Act is thus a hammer in the progressive toolbox.
It is just another power grab by the government.

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Rich said...

well you have to understand we are creating a blight on the land which they feel should be for them (our betters). This way they can have huge tracts of land with nothing on it but them. Reminds of the Foundation Trilogy and that one planet which had almost no people.