Wednesday, September 08, 2010

He Didn't Know the Meaning of "It's Over!"

He probably thought he loved her. That's why he showed up at her house and opened fire with a gun. Dramatic 911 tapes released
With fear in her voice Erica Gussow screams into the phone at 11:38 p.m. on April 26. She said to the dispatcher on the other end of the phone, “Please come, here now please, please! Someone is trying to break into the house, please come here now as fast as you can!”
When he couldn't break in he started shooting. When the cops arrived, he shot one of them in the abdomen.

And after all that, it took the DA four months to decide that the police were justified in shooting this guy. I know that they don't want to rush to judgment, but if you read the transcript of the 911 call, it is pretty clear that somebody needed to stop this guy or he was going to kill the daughter of the woman he "loved." It wasn't love, in case you were unclear on the subject.

Some will see this as a tragedy. But I think the tragedy would have been if he managed to break in and kill someone before the police arrived. That's scenario that I read about all too often. The good guys came out ahead this time.

And why is it so many people think violence is an appropriate way to show that they "love" someone?

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