Monday, September 13, 2010

He Really Picked the Wrong Guy to Mess With

An off-duty cop qualifies as the wrong target. Off-duty WSP trooper shoots, kills attacker | NorthWest Cable News | Washington News
A barking dog alerted the trooper that an unknown car and man were on his property late Saturday night, said Deputy Scott Wilson. At 11:27pm, the trooper's wife called 911 as he went outside to see who it was.

"The homeowner identified himself to the stranger as a law enforcement officer but, almost immediately became engaged in a struggle with the intruder," said Det. Lt. Earl Smith. "The suspect struck the owner in the head with a piece of steel rod, causing a serious injury and knocking him to the ground."
Bleeding from the head wound, the trooper got back on his feet, and when the idiot still wouldn't stop the attack, the trooper "used lethal force."

A neighbor performed CPR on the guy who got shot even before the EMTs arrived, but he was pronounced dead at a local hospital. The trooper was treated and released.

And because police don't make these call, the DA does, the investigation continues, but everyone seems to think "was a self defense-type situation."

And self-defense is a human-right.

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