Monday, September 13, 2010

New York Police Kidnapping People

This is a fairly long, fairly disturbing portrayal of illegal activity being perpetrated by the New York Police Dept. Or at least sections of the NYPD.

The whole thing is disturbing, but a couple of things jump out.
  1. Cops in one area of NY were told to just arrest people off the street, put them in lockup and figure out the reasons later. They wanted folks off the street because it was Halloween. Not because they thought these people had committed a crime. That isn't police work; that is kidnapping.
  2. At one point they pulled a play out of the play-book of the old Soviet Union, and put someone who disagreed with those in authority in a mental hospital. He was cop. He was disappeared for 4 days.

After this, little things like refusing to file crime reports or categorizing serious crimes as minor crime in order to make the numbers look good - it is all about statistics - seem minor by comparison.

The story is based on recordings made over more than a year, by that cop who got put in the loony bin for daring to question the actions - illegal actions - of the powers that be. Looks more and more like a police state all the time.

This American Life: The Right To Remain Silent

Give yourself some time to listen. The show was on hour long.

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