Thursday, September 09, 2010

Police and Others Break The Law - Only the Others Charged

Two rules - sign of a police state. Police and others improperly checked Bowersox's background

Cops and other public officials checked the background of an American Idol contestant from their state. Two public officials lost their jobs and may be charged. The cops? Not so much.
Eight improper checks were found between Feb. 24 and May 27, including by police departments in Millersburg, Pemberville, Xenia, and at the Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster, as well as the Putnam County sheriff's office.

Those checks, plus one involving the Columbus city attorney's office, were conducted through the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway, which is administered by the attorney general's office.
One clerk from the DMV is (or may be) charged with a felony. A court "employee" resigned and "may" be charged with a misdemeanor. While cops and Assistant DAs keep their jobs, but get a week off (or so) without pay, written reprimands, and other forms of wrist slaps.

Yeah, that sounds like Justice, doesn't it. How about if everyone who committed the same crime gets charged with the same crime? I know I read something about "equal before the law" somewhere.

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