Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Policeman That Understands

Armed, law-abiding citizens are not a problem. Armed to protect When Sgt. Russ Edwards with the Lake County Sheriff's Office was told there were more than 16,000 people in his country with concealed carry permits, he had this to say.
"I wish there were 32,000 permits," Edwards said Friday from the sheriff's firearms safety range. From a law enforcement perspective, that means those people went through a class and the necessary paperwork and are more likely to be safe users of guns, he said
And on the subject of gun control...
"The bad people are gonna have them anyway," Edwards said, whether you put more controls on gun ownership or not.
Armed, law abiding citizens are not the people cops need to worry about.Certain mayors around the country could listen to Sgt. Edwards. [Via NRA-ILA]

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Phillip said...

That happens to be the county I live in. We may not have open carry, but most other gun laws here are pretty decent.