Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Protection Order Can't Guarantee Safety

That's a quote. Police: Woman Violated Order of Protection Five Times in One Month - So if she violated a court order 3 times in one month, or 4 times, or even 1 time, why was there no punishment?
Greene County Assistant Prosecutor Jill Patterson says protection orders are useful tools for domestic violence and stalking victims but says it can't guarantee safety.
They speed up police response some, and specify "mandatory" arrests, but do they really accomplish anything?
Patterson says protection orders can also cause mandatory arrests for violators. The man, who didn't want us to reveal his identity, says Eddington was arrested each time she violated his protection order but was back out after about two hours.
And why can't people just come to terms with, "It's over!" and move on with their lives?

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