Sunday, September 26, 2010

Putting on a Mask, and Breaking Into a House is Not a “simple lapse in judgement”

I feel sorry that this mother's son was shot, but sugar coating the truth doesn't help anyone. Polk family remembers teen burglary suspect
Polk County investigators say Rubio and three other friends were trying to break into a Davenport home on Tuesday when the homeowner shot and killed him.
By 15, you have a basic concept of right and wrong. These guys were armed. They broke into a house wearing masks to avoid being identified.

But they suffered a breakdown of the victim-selection process; picked a home that contained a homeowner.

Now I can believe that those four didn't think that they would get shot, and no one who is 15 years old believes they are going to die, but this was a bit more than a lapse in judgment. They committed a deliberate act of aggression on another human being. This kid picked up a gun, and broke into a locked house.

And the real point is that the homeowner didn't know this was a 15-year-old kid, he only knew that an armed masked man broke into his house. He defended himself from attack.

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