Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Self-defense Works Even Against an Armed Intruder

What would you do, if you arrived home with your two-year-old daughter and found two armed, masked intruders in your home? Alleged intruder shot by victim - The Herald Dispatch
Criminal complaints charge one of the intruders, Jason Matthew Hall, 28, popped up from behind a counter wearing a blue ski mask as the male resident, Casey Bartram, entered the house.

The two men faced off with separate handguns -- Hall holding a .38 caliber and Bartram with a 9 mm. Bartram was ordered to the ground and then both men, still armed, entangled themselves in an altercation. Bartram then fired one shot, striking Hall just above the left eye.
The second burglar then revealed his identity to his intended victim, complaining that his cousin had just been shot. (This was very stupid since the homeowner and the burglar know each other.)

So one armed intruder is dead, and the other in police custody. And a family is safe.
"It's a good Second Amendment case," [Wayne County Sheriff Greg] Farley said. "A man was able to defend his girlfriend, child and home ... As it stands, we're not going to charge him for defending himself in his home."
That's because self-defense is not only a human-right, in most sane locales it is also your legal-right. Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0.

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