Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Did Anyone Really Think This Would Work?

Allied strikes pummel Libya’s air force but do little to stop attacks on civilians It seems like we are just recently fought a war where the powers that be thought it wouldn't be necessary to have troops in harm's way. Oh, wait, we are still fighting two wars that started that way.

So why was it going to be different in Libya?
The Libyan military’s attacks and the mounting civilian deaths call into question whether the internationally imposed no-fly zone can achieve its goal of protecting civilians, let alone help loosen Gaddafi’s grip on power. It seemed unlikely that the coalition, which has argued in recent days over the scope and leadership of the allied mission, would countenance a significant escalation.
Did Clinton's firing of cruise missiles at Sudan and Afghanistan accomplish anything in the 1990s? (Aside from diverting attention to the whole Monica L. story?)
“This no-fly zone doesn’t mean anything to us because Gaddafi only had a few planes and they were doing nothing,” said [a doctor at a Misurata hospital], who spoke by telephone on the condition of anonymity because he fears Libyan forces may soon retake the city. “We need a no-drive zone because it is tanks and snipers that are killing us.”
Send in the Foreign Legion.

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