Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm Sure in the Minds of the Gun-fearing Weenies, This Was All the Fault of the Gun

Teenager Seath Jackson Brutally Murdered by Five Others Near Ocala - Miami News - Riptide 2.0

Five monsters kill a 15-year-old kid, and burn his body in the backyard fire-pit. The step-father of two of the goblins helps dispose of the remains.

It isn't clear why they hated him so much. It is clear what they did.

First, they lured him to a home with a phone call and bunch of text messages.
Three young men were waiting for him instead, and they began beating Jackson with wooden objects. Bargo shot Jackson multiple times with a rifle. When Jackson tried to flee, Soto held him down while Bargo continued to shoot.

They then put Jackson in a bathtub and tired to break his kneecaps so they could stuff him into a sleeping bag. Once they noticed Jackson was still alive, they shot him again.

After successfully stuffing the body into the sleeping bag, they tossed it into a back-yard fire pit that had been lit before Jackson arrived.
They then shoveled the remains into five-gallon buckets for disposal.

Of course this was all the fault of the gun. Not the monsters. Or the "wooden objects." (So were they baseball bats, cricket bats, or 2X4s? And does it matter?) Maybe it was the fault of easy-access to backyard fire-pits. Or firewood. But in the minds of so many, it could not be possible that the 5 miscreants involved were, in fact, to blame. Good thing that isn't how the Florida courts look at it. (One of the goblins was told by a judge that he could face the death penalty.)

In the end, this looks more like a typical domestic violence episode, than anything else. Except insane boyfriends don't usually rope in so many accomplices to their insanity.
Investigators are still trying to determine the exact motive and what would lead to such a brutal crime. Meanwhile, friends of victim stopped by a make-shift memorial in front of the home where he was murdered. They said that Bargo and Jackson fought over one of the suspects, Amber.

"She dated both of them," said Brooke Richardson. "Michael hated anyone who dated Amber," she said.
Sounds like a real swell guy.


JM Black said...

"Gun-fearing Weenies?" Really?

Please don't assume or suggest that people who are concerned about the careless proliferation of firearms in America (like me, for example) are all "weenies." I'm quite certain that I am not a "weenie."

This tragic incident was not the fault of any weapon. It was the fault of the people wielding the weapons. It was also the fault of a society that either overlooked or else was powerless to intervene before this tragic event. We can agree, perhaps, that this event did not come as a surprise? The lead "goblin" in question demonstrated a long history of violent and abusive behavior before this, as we shall undoubtedly see.

Phillip said...

I don't live very far from where this happened. Local buzz has it that the young man was dating one of the girls, broke up with her, and she asked him up to the house with the intention of getting some revenge. Her new boyfriend decided to join in the fun, and he's the one who shot the kid.

Kind of makes you wonder about the parents, but frankly so many kids are left to their own devices that it isn't all that surprising.

Phillip said...

@JM Black:

While I don't agree with calling people like you names, that's simply because I don't want to underestimate your side. You're attempting to take away items that are specifically protected in the Bill of Rights, in the misguided idea that it will somehow stop people from doing murder. If you had any shred of rational thought available, you'd realize how specious that argument is. People will NOT stop robbing, assaulting, and murdering just because you take away one tool that they use. Instead you make it so my 5'1 wife cannot defend herself if someone tries to burst into our home to harm her and our young son. Your desire to remove firearms will simply put us back to the days of chivalry when the strongest ruled, and the local noble was able to claim the rights of Prima Nocte.

I am frequently concerned about the careless proliferation of computers and Internet access that allows people to put their opinions out into public, because so many people's opinions are thoughtless and ill-formed and immune to logic. Believe it or not, that's the exact same argument you just made against firearms. A gun is a tool, it's the person that uses it that has the responsibility to use it correctly. It's also protected in the Bill of Rights, the same as your computer, word processor, iPhone, or whatever you use to access the Internet and put your opinions out into the public arena.