Monday, April 04, 2011

Juries Don't Believe Former Chicago PD Special Operations Section

SOS is mostly history. It had too many problems. (Like robbing drug dealers, committing home invasions, and acting more like the Chicago Mob than the Chicago PD.)

So it doesn't surprise me that this guy won 2 court cases. Arrested man turns down $25,000 from city, gets $100,000 from jury - Chicago Sun-Times
A federal jury awarded a South Side man $100,000 Monday in a lawsuit against the city alleging he was beaten by Chicago Police officers who planted drugs on him.
He also won his jury trial over his arrest for drug possession.

CPD denies they did anything wrong.

The Special Operations Section "was broken up in 2007 by then-Interim Supt. Dana Starks after other officers in the unit were accused of robbing drug dealers." Even in Chicago, you can go too far.

The Chicago Police Department's Special Operations Section could provide material for a blog all on its own. (Or it could before they disbanded it.)

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