Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Must Be Powered By Unicorn Farts

This guy gets more unbelievable every day. Fantasy? Chasing Obama's 50 mile-per-gallon car
President Obama, in his major energy policy speech last week, stumped us when he asserted: "There are even cars rolling off assembly lines in Detroit with combustion engines that can get more than 50 miles per gallon."


Not according to the government's official ratings (online at fueleconomy.gov) , which list the top rating for an internal combustion car -- a non-hybrid -- as 42 mpg on the highway, held by the Chevrolet Cruze with a special. extra-cost Eco package and a manual transmission.
Of course he wasn't citing actual facts, just interweb rumors. (Those are always true, right?)
If a carmaker tried to sell you a car with mpg claims that casual (as happened before government ratings) the government would investigate it for unfair trade practices.
Too bad those regulations don't apply to political insanity coming from the White House.

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