Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So Much For Academic Freedom

Remember how during the Bush Administration there was much talk about how science had to be free of politics? Apparently UCLA didn't get that memo - or they only think it should apply to YOUR politics, not their politics. Academic mission or UCLA speech code?
In 2008, Enstrom thought that a report on the health effects of diesel emissions presented by the California Air Resources Board was faulty. As it turns out, CARB's nitrous oxide emission estimates were overstated by 340 percent. Enstrom and others had trouble believing that a Ph.D. statistician would make some of CARB's findings. They dug around and found that CARB researcher Hien Tran had falsely claimed to have a doctorate in statistics from UC Davis. In fact, Tran had a master's degree from UC Davis, but his doctorate came from an unaccredited school.
Tran got demoted, and lost some pay, but still gets $7899 per month. (Falsifying an application is usually grounds for dismissal.)

Enstrom got the boot. Why? Because he isn't helping the Left enough.
A July 2010 memo later informed Enstrom that Department of Environmental Health Sciences faculty had determined his work did not meet department requirements and "your research is not aligned with the academic mission of the Department."

Not aligned with the academic mission? That reads like academic-speak for "politically incorrect." Enstrom has little doubt that UCLA cut his cord because he was a CARB whistle-blower. Worse, his 2005 study on the health effects of fine particulate matter essentially found that the diesel exhaust has slight, if any effect, on premature death.
So much for scientific integrity.

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Rich said...

"So much for scientific integrity" you make a very bad assumption that there is any scientific integrity or academic integrity on the left. It is all political expediency in their efforts to save the planet, sorry could not think of the current PC terminology, and as a side benefit assume control of everyone because they know better.