Wednesday, April 06, 2011

This Ain't No Lingerie League

The best kept secret in sports? Maybe not.

The Independent Women's Football League (IWFL) plays full contact tackle football. There is probably a team near you. Everywhere from the Atlanta Ravens to the Seattle Majestics.

Saturday will be week 2, for the 2011 season, which wraps up in July.

The advert for last year's championship game follows, then a highlight reel from a week 5 game from last year. (Not bad when you consider there is no money in the system. And that the colleges aren't really acting like farm-clubs.)

[UPDATE: Well you stop paying attention and things change. Womens Football Alliance - Womens Tackle Football is a new league, started in 2009, and seems to have some bigger name sponsors. It seems they have teams in some bigger cities as well, so maybe that will help.

If I can find any interesting video, I will post it after the break.]

IWFL Game Highlights.

WFA Championship Game advert. (Nice and short)

WFA Season Highlights.

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Zendo Deb said...

My excuse for not paying attention? The Tampa team disbanded about 3 years ago.