Monday, April 25, 2011

USA Today Doesn't Like Gun Rights

What a shocker. A newspaper doesn't like the Second Amendment. Our view: Gun laws are taking a radical turn -

This is one long screed about how the anti-gunners are losing and gun rights are spreading. And the folks at USA Today, don't like it.

But the sophistry is apparent in the following excerpt.
In its one major foray into Congress recently, gun extremists fell just two votes shy in the U.S. Senate on a 2009 bill that would have forced any state to recognize a carry permit issued by any other state. That measure — a monumental infringement on states rights and local governance, to say the least — would have forced urbanized states dealing with gangs, drug lords and other violent criminals to essentially adopt gun rights deemed appropriate in more rural states.
So Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Miami, Tampa, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Seattle and Denver (and others) all apparently exist in "more rural states" that don't have problems you associate with cities.

Is it just me, or does that paragraph I cite read like it was written by a New Yorker? (You know, one of the people who can't be bothered by fly-over country.)

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