Sunday, May 08, 2011

6 Idiots Outside a Gay Club, With a Bat, But No Evidence of Hate Crime

Man in critical condition after attack outside Downtown El Paso gay club - El Paso Times

I find it hard to believe that police are really that stupid.
Police said the man was waiting for a ride outside the Old Plantation Night Club, 301 S. Ochoa, when a verbal confrontation began between the victim and six other males.

Police said that the verbal confrontation became physical and the six suspects allegedly began punching, kicking the victim. The group allegedly also used a bat to hit the victim.
A friend tried to intervene and her vehicle window was smashed with the bat.

Gay-bashers are cowards and usually travel in packs. A fair fight? It isn't about fair, but instilling terror.

A baseball bat is often the preferred instrument.

Unless security footage clearly shows a license plate, they will never be found. Mostly because the police won't look all that hard. And assuming that none of the six were off-duty cops venting a little hate.

Now, tell me exactly why someone coming out of a gay nightclub, where they do in fact serve alcohol, should not be allowed a weapon for self-defense.

The guy who got bashed is in critical condition.

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