Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chicago Cops Arrested for Sexual Assault

2nd police officer charged in sex attack posts bond - (Wouldn't want the suburbs to get all the press.)
Officer Paul Clavijo, 38, was charged with sexually assaulting two women in separate attacks just weeks apart in March while he was on duty and in uniform, and his partner, Officer Juan Vasquez, also 38, was accused of raping one of the alleged victims.
The lawyers for the cops say the sex was consensual.
Jon Loevy, a lawyer for the woman allegedly assaulted March 30 by both officers, blasted the claim, calling it an “outrageous way to spin this.”

“These are on-duty police officers,” Loevy said. “They were armed with guns. She was a young woman who was not in a situation where she had a choice.”
Both cops managed to post $500,000 bond.


Rich said...

Gee - aren't you supposed to have sex while on duty?
You have to be kidding - their lawyer actually made such a stupid statement about it being consensual

Zendo Deb said...

Nothing about the Chicago PD surprises me. If you peruse the "cops behaving badly" link (at the bottom of the post) you will find them doing everything from shaking down tow-truck drivers, to extortion, kidnapping and murder-for-hire.

Chicago's finest? Not hardly.