Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't Laugh at the Cops

Police brutality is not just a problem for Chicago of course, the suburbs are now in on it. Calumet Park Police Officer Lynell Porch, 39, is accused of tripping and choking a teenager during an arrest |

Teens gathering was "suspicious activity."
Prosecutors say on June 16, 2010 Porch and his partner were called to a car wash to check out teenagers possibly selling drugs.

"There were no narcotics found on anyone at the car wash," said Lynn McCarthy, Assistant State's Attorney.
He was apparently insulted that the teenager didn't respect his authority.
But that wasn't the end of it according to prosecutors who say Porch went up to the victim to have a private conversation with him.

"The officer introduced himself as the new narcotics and gangs officer in Calumet Park. And reportedly the victim laughed and the officer told him he was under arrest," said McCarthy.

Prosecutors say while the teenager was handcuffed Officer Porch lifted the victims' arms behind his back causing him to lean over. Then porch intentionally tripped the boy, according to prosecutors, and the 16-year-old fell face first on the pavement.
Medical attention was needed, and the teen ended up needing a root canal on one tooth.

There is tape of the officer choking the kid.
The [officer] is being held at the Cook County Jail on a $79,000 bond.
He is charged with aggravated battery, filing a false police report and official misconduct.

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