Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Thought Socialized Medicine Was Supposed to Fix All Problems

It seems that taking kids to what we would call the Emergency Room to treat everyday ailments is becoming the norm in the UK. More children taken to A&E as GP care declines - Telegraph
The proportion of children being taken to A&E with common illnesses has increased by 42 per cent over the past decade as care provided by GPs has declined, new research suggests.
This is the difference between having health coverage and receiving health care. NHS provides coverage (payment for services), but more and more there is no one to provide the service.

Our Dear Leader and his crew on the Left derided anyone who said that taking folks to the ER for health care were just insane. But that is exactly what the great and glorious OK NHS is doing.
It says the rise could be down to a “reduction in out-of-hours service provided by the patient’s usual family doctor”, as well as operators on NHS Direct phone lines telling callers to go to A&E.
Go figure.

In other UK Health News Britain 'worst for MS in Western Europe' - Telegraph Neurologists are "stretched" in the UK. (Lack of training. Lack of Nurses. Lack of Doctors.)

And here I thought that putting health care in the hands of the bureaucrats was supposed to solve all problems.

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Rich said...

This is already happening in the larger cities and has been for years. Many of the poor or even lower middle class who did not have a doctor would use the emergency room for regular care. Not checkups and the like but flu, colds, and stuff.
The other part is that if you get ill on the weekend or at night the doctor often tells you to come in the morning or go to the emergency room. They want bankers hours.