Sunday, May 08, 2011

Some Animals Are More Equal Than You Are

You shouldn't be able to protect yourself, but he should have police protection. Daley calls retirement bodyguard request ‘appropriate’ - Chicago Sun-Times

In the People's Republic of Illinois, they are actually voting on concealed carry. Of course the Governor has said he will veto any such law. Why? Choose among all the reasons that politicians fought concealed carry in every state where it passed. Gunfights in the street. Wild West. Of course it never came to pass, but why clutter the issue with facts.

Mayor Daley was foremost in the opposition core. Letting law-abiding citizens have access to means of self-defense would crush civilization, or something.

But now that he is leaving office, he thinks he should get a police detail to protect him and his family. (He may or may not have asked for cars to be provided too, that isn't clear.)

So you are on your own without access to the tools of self-defense. He thinks he should get government body-guards. So much for equal before the law.

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