Saturday, May 28, 2011

Years Too Late, But At Least They Woke Up to Reality

The UN's International Maritime Organization finally accepts the idea of armed guards on ships. BBC News - Piracy: IMO guidelines on armed guards on ships

Only about 10% of ships carry armed guards even through the pirate-infested Somali waters. That should rise.
The IMO says there were 489 reports of piracy and armed robbery against ships in 2010 - up more then 20% on 2009.

The areas worst affected were the Indian Ocean, East Africa and the Far East including the South China Sea, South America and the Caribbean.
The value of piracy is going up. The penalties are still remote - the international task force hasn't done more than put a dent in the whole problem.

This is actually a big deal for the gun-hating UN. Admitting that government isn't the answer and that individuals need to rely on themselves. That must have have hurt those poor state-loving socialists.

There are still issues with when ships enter port, but at least they recognize the problem needs a more active solution.

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