Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gay Marriage in New York

Must be some really, really unhappy straight folks in the country today. The Road to Gay Marriage in New York

Big name Republican donors twisting some Republican arms. A Catholic governor.
But the donors in the room — the billionaire Paul Singer, whose son is gay, joined by the hedge fund managers Cliff Asness and Dan Loeb — had the influence and the money to insulate nervous senators from conservative backlash if they supported the marriage measure. And they were inclined to see the issue as one of personal freedom, consistent with their more libertarian views.
The pundits will be screaming on Monday (if they aren't already screaming, that is).

So, exactly how does this impact you, unless you are gay and living in New York?

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BobG said...

I fail to see how making gay marriage legal impacts me. I've been married for almost 38 years, and I don't understand why this would affect me. The sooner the rest of the country gets its head out of its ass the better.