Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Big Fat Greek Bailout

Another €8 billion will be needed by Greece. Bond holders dumped the paper until the interest rate hit 18 percent - that's junk status if anyone is keeping track. More violence in Athens because the Greeks don't want to face reality. (Austerity is unpopular.) UK may be forced into second Greek bail-out - Telegraph Europe is not one big happy family. (More like a big dysfunctional family.)
A meeting of eurozone finance ministers in Brussels on Tuesday failed to resolve the row between France and Germany over the Greek crisis.
Violence in eastern Europe. France and German at loggerheads. France fighting in north Africa. Somehow this reminds me of something from my history classes.

And for all the violence in Greece, not too many people are saying what should be done to solve their problems. They liked how things were for the past 20 years, and don't see why it can't continue. (They lived on credit for all this time, why should they suddenly have to pay it back now?)

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