Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not Surprising - The UN Does Nothing

NATO - not under the leadership of the US (Do we have any leadership today?) - is failing to oust Gaddafi (sp?) in Libya. Nobody is doing anything in Syria. Syrians accuse United Nations of abandoning them - Telegraph
“What is the United Nations doing? Nothing,” Abu Ahmed said, as three small children and two women sheltered behind him from the heat of the sun in a tent fashioned from tree trunks and plastic sheeting.

“They are just talking and doing nothing to help. Why were they so quick to help Libya but do nothing for us?”
Quick to help Libya, but not too effective. (And it isn't the Useless Nitwits in Libya, but NATO.)

Syria. Sudan. So many places that aren't being helped. And the trouble spots, like Somalia, in which damn little is being done.

So how exactly do we (or does the UN) choose who to help? Least effort?

Why does anyone expect the UN to do anything?

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