Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And While You Can't Have Hip, Knee or Cataract Surgery...

They are going try and take better care of the elderly. NHS and council leaders investigate 'industry problem' in elderly care - Telegraph

It seems that universal health care isn't applied to old folks.
Earlier this year the Health Service Ombudsman condemned the inhumane treatment of 10 elderly and vulnerable patients in a report that accused staff of showing a “casual indifference” to their needs.

The industry watchdog, the Care Quality Commission, released the results of spot checks on geriatric wards that found some elderly patients are being prescribed water after nurses left them without anything to drink for more than 10 hours.

Evidence has accumulated this year suggesting that the NHS is “ageist” as elderly people are far less likely to receive high-quality cancer treatment.
So who do you think needs that hip replacement, or cataract surgery? Thirty-somethings? But aside from not letting them walk or see, they are going to try and treat them better. Right.

Can't wait until we have socialized medicine.

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