Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Homeowner Did His Part, Too Bad Police Didn't Do Theirs

Burglar Shot by Taney Co. Homeowner Walks Away From Hospital, Eludes Police - KSPR 33

So the homeowner stops a crime in process, by shooting the would-be bad-guy. Police come and haul the bad guy off to the hospital and don't guard him. Because they never actually got around to arresting him.
Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell says Waggoner was charged with three felonies. There was a warrant for his arrest, but he was never arrested.

Unless a patient has actually been arrested by law enforcement and therefore has an officer outside his or her room, according to staff at St. John's he or she is not a prisoner and is free to walk away, either against medical advice or with an official discharge.
The sheriff is blaming the hospital and their security. ("He did it!") because they didn't arrest the guy.

And he isn't a nice guy. As described by the homeowner...
"He said, 'I got a gun. I'm going to kill you.' I said, 'that's fine, I've got a gun too,'" [Peggy Melton] told KSPR in late June.

Melton used it. [24-year-old Danny Waggoner Jr.] was air-lifted to a Springfield hospital; our sources say it was st. john's. That was June 22nd; June 30th Waggoner left, a free man.
So the homeowner handed the cops an air-tight case, and they let it deflate. Your tax dollars at work.

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