Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gun Laws Change, Bloodshed - somehow - Does Not Occur

The gun-fearing weenies were SURE that allowing guns into bars and restaurants would bring about death and destruction. (Wild West, blood in the streets, yadda yadda yadda.) The truth is a bit different. Gun crimes drop at Virginia bars and restaurants | Richmond Times-Dispatch

A 5.2% drop in major crimes? Could it be that more guns = less crime?

Now the drop from 153 crimes to 145 may or may not be statistically significant. But that isn't the point. Even if things remained unchanged, the truth doesn't reflect the hysteria in which the opponents of the law were reveling.

People with legal concealed carry licenses, by-and-large, cause no problems. And they even can be shown to deter crime because the bad guys have to worry about picking a target that is going to refuse to be a victim. With extreme prejudice.

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