Thursday, August 18, 2011

Safety Warning: There Are Always Sharks

I don't know about in ice-cold waters like Alaska, but if you think the swimming might be good, then chances are the sharks think the feeding might be good, too. That's why I generally try to stay in the boat. Seychelles shark attack: victim Ian Redmond laughed off suggestions that killer animal was at large - Telegraph This poor guy got married on Aug 6. Now his widow is waiting for the authorities in a small island nation to release his body.

Of course the "official" response could have been better, considering there was death on August 1.
Other holidaymakers have claimed the government in the island nation played down the death of a French swimmer on Aug 1 to protect the all-important tourist industry.

The official response to the earlier death, which was barely mentioned by the state-controlled media, has been likened to the plot of the film Jaws, in which the mayor of a coastal resort refuses to close the beaches despite warnings of a killer shark on the loose.
Life imitates art.

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freddyboomboom said...

I know for a fact that there are sharks in the waters off of Alaska, because I've caught some.

Just so you know.