Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Sky Is Falling! No, Really!

Once again the public has been treated to a "storm of the century" hysteria by the powers-that-be (and the weather reporters) and it has turned into a joke. Flooding in Manhattan streets as Irene arrives - Yahoo! News

If you click through that headline - no doubt written to evoke memories of Katrina where the flooding was substantial - you will see a photo of a New Yorker slogging through water which reaches (almost) to his knees.

And even though Irene is now a tropical storm (with sustained winds of 65 MPH) the headlines of even the recent stories continue to discuss "Hurricanes." I guess it's a bitch when Mother Nature pulls the rug out from under your planned news coverage.

And now, just like the quake that caused virtually no damage, we will have a week or more of "the impacts of Hurricane Irene on New York City." Or whatever.

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Rich E said...

I live in North NJ and we have flooding in the usual area when we have a storm. But this one caused flooding in areas that I have never seen flood. We have had lots of rain lately and the ground most likely can not handle any more.