Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Where Great Britain Used to Be

It is just sad what is happening in London and elsewhere in the UK. Night police lost control of London - Telegraph 40 minute wait to get a response from police to a riot. (Not all police are armed, so they have to come from their central base.)

At least not all Londoners are giving up.
Reports suggested that members of north London’s Turkish community had taken their own decision. Hundreds were said to have lined the streets of Stoke Newington, brandishing baseball bats.
Because, the effective means of self-defense have all been rendered illegal.

I wonder if they will see it as a wake-up call?
The victims - London’s hard-working shop keepers, commuters and families, proud of their homes and their well-kept streets - began to lose faith in the law.
The victims are the hard-working folks. The police are not doing much to help.

I doubt much will be done to anyone arrested. Antisocial Behavior Orders (ASBO) is like a traffic ticket or a badge of honor. Not real punishment. Jail time? Not in the advanced, much-smarted than the US place that used to be Great Britain. Jail is uncivilized. Or something.


DirtCrashr said...

Everyhtinme I see that I think, "It's just not Cricket?" (As in bats - my experience with a cricket bat is it's more wicked than our baseball bat.)

Zendo Deb said...

It's all that weight behind that narrow edge.

There was a South American or Central American tribe that used war-clubs very similar to a cricket bat, but the edges were spiked with obsidian chips - sharp as razors.

Still, a few 12-gauge shotguns distributed among the defenders would probably do a lot more to 'discourage' the lawlessness. But then they would be arrested ....

I think it is really too late for UK and probably most of Europe. Living on the dole is just to appealing to enough of the population. Why work when you can smash and grab?

Art said...

CNN reported a 6000% increase in aluminum bat sales at amazon.uk.
Watched BBC last night.
Hate to say it, but it didn't look like anything the Chicago police couldn't suppress within a couple hours. Teens busting open a hat store, for chrissakes, and looting it. Really?
The fires? Awful.
Mobs of teens (mostly) playing "cat and mouse" with police, as one reporter described it.
Aren't there any Brits left with spine, resolve and balls?