Friday, September 02, 2011

But Don't Let the Law Abiding Defend Themselves

Bike Path Beating Shows CPD Weakness: FOP | NBC Chicago The powers that be in Chicago PD realizing that they can't protect everyone from every group of thugs. (That is amazing all by itself.)
"If we can't prevent a group of 5th graders from attacking one of our residents on the lakefront, how are we going to protect Englewood and the other neighborhoods in the city of Chicago," said Shields, who is now locked in a manpower battle with City Hall and Chicago Police Department heads.
His answer to his own question? Hire more cops.
"If there were more officers in that area, that would have prevented any crime," he said.
As if they could have a cop on every corner, at every scene of a bad incident.

They are in the end, constitutionally incapable of admitting that they can't solve every problem. That they can't prevent every crime. They never have and they never will. They just cannot admit that the answer to the problem is not "the state." An answer is to let the law abiding have access to the means of self-defense.

This is all about a graduate student, who got jumped by a gang of kids. Grad Student Attacked by Pack of Kids | NBC Chicago The kids - ages 10 to 16 - were caught.

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