Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Couple of Self-defense Stories

No time to blog? I know, sacrilege, but as they say, duty calls in a shrill, unpleasant voice. In other words, Real Life™ can be a bitch. (Or embrace the suck.) So in place of more detailed thoughts on Son of Stimulus, or the rest of insanity that is the political scene here or in the Middle East, all of which is more capably covered by others anyway, I give you 2 stories of people who don't realize a simple truth; if you break into enough homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner.

Saginaw burglar shot and killed by homeowner | wfaa.com Dallas - Fort Worth
Investigators said the homeowner, firefighter David Wilson, opened fire around 2:30 p.m. after interrupting a burglary in progress.
Not sure why they believed to was necessary to inform us the homeowner was a firefighter. (Emphasis on government employee?) But there you are.

Homeowner fatally shoots alleged burglar | Tulsa World
The man, whose identity has not been released pending family notification, had allegedly attempted to break into several cars and homes along 10th Street, including an unattached storage building, Walker said.

At the home where the shooting occurred, he allegedly failed to break into a car in the driveway but then got into a front window, Walker said.

The homeowner confronted the man as he was allegedly rummaging through a desk. The homeowner told the man to stop and then shot him several times, killing him, Walker said.

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