Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is the Pendulum Starting to Swing Our Way?

OK, it is only 1 school district. And it is in Okalhoma. But 10 years ago would have have expected that the shooting sports would be EXPANDING on the high school level? School board approves gun sport for Shawnee - Shawnee, OK - The Shawnee News-Star They approved Sporting Clays under the auspices of the FFA.

There weren't even any nay-sayers on the school board.

I thought it was funny they believed it was necessary to define sporting clays, but not FFA.
The sport is a tightly controlled shooting competition that incorporates firing at clay disks with shotguns and live ammunition.
FFA used to be (still is?) known as Future Farmers of America. Haven't heard of them in a very long time.
The National FFA Organization (also known as Future Farmers of America) envisions a future in wh​ich all agricultural education students will discover their passion in life and build on that insight to chart the course for their educations, career and personal future.
That last from the FFA website.

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