Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Things People Do To Keep You Safe From Dangerous Ideas

I guess this shouldn't surprise me... North Platte Nebraska's newspaper - The North Platte Telegraph. > News
Most recently, she said someone has gone through the romance novels and used a razor blade to remove some of the racier parts of the novels. Another incident occurred when someone took all of the books about witchcraft and Wicca and hid them throughout the library.

"We had 40-some books with that subject, and all but eight were missing," [North Plate Library Director Cecilia] Lawrence said.
Censorship - keeping you safe from dangerous ideas. (Like those contained in the Harry Potter books.)


Rich E said...

Hey its for the children! We would not want them to think they could actually fly a broom and leap from a tree or window or something! How many kids watching superman years ago actually tried to fly? How many kids today after reading harry potter try to fly a broom?

Zendo Deb said...

Don't know. Don't care. If you were stupid enough to jump off the garage roof with a blanket tied around your neck so you could fly like Superman, then all I can say is, "Darwin got cheated."

More kids will be injured playing football than pretending to be wizards.