Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is "Just Following Orders" a Defense?

It seems that New York's Finest have got their panties in bunch because "ticket fixing" is considered corruption. NYPD Officers Angered by Corruption Probe Poor babies. Their feelings are hurt.
Patrick J. Lynch, the union president, said in a news conference that the officers had been arrested on something "accepted at all ranks for decades." He did distance himself from those charged with graver offenses.
So, because something has been "accepted for decades" that means it always was and always should be OK? Besides, if you asked the "ranks of citizens" - you know, the people who employ the police - I don't think those ranks would think it was acceptable.

So, what else would be acceptable, based on the "for decades" criteria? Beating up gays? Falsely imprisoning black men? What? When you open that door - "But we've always done it that way" - how do you close it?

But anyway, back to those "Just Following Orders" signs in the photo. Is that really an excuse for anything? If your captain told you to kill his wife, would you? How about if he just told you to arrest her, but for no good reason. Would you "Just follow orders?" That excuse hasn't worked since at least World War 2. And it shouldn't work here.

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