Saturday, October 15, 2011

LAPD Top Brass Has a Problem Following the Rules

Jury awards LAPD detectives $2.5 millionThis is just one of several lawsuits that include things like
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Implementing (illegal) ticket quotas
  • Forcing people to work though injured
  • etc
The case echoes other recent ones. In April, for example, two motorcycle officers were awarded $2 million by a jury that found their captain retaliated against them when they complained about being ordered to meet an alleged traffic ticket quota. Gregory Smith, the attorney who represented Bakotich and the others, said he has won five verdicts of more than $1 million against the LAPD in the last year. Such cases underscore the perception held by some rank-and-file officers that problem supervisors are not held accountable for their roles in workplace discord. "There's a certain arrogance among the brass that they think the rules are different for them," Bakotich said.
Misconduct: Not just a Chicago Problem

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