Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Police Corruption - Not Just in Chicago

Enforce the law. Break the law. It is hard to keep these things straight. Or so it seems. Gun Smuggling Charges for 8 New York Officers
Eight current and former New York police officers were arrested on Tuesday and charged in federal court with accepting thousands of dollars in cash to drive a caravan of firearms into the state, an act of corruption that brazenly defied the city’s strenuous efforts to get illegal guns off the streets.
Not that this is the only problem in NYPD.
In recent weeks, testimony at the trial of a narcotics detective has featured accusations that he and his colleagues in Brooklyn and Queens planted drugs or lied under oath to meet arrest quotas and earn overtime, leading to the arrests of eight officers, the dismissal of hundreds of drug cases because of their destroyed credibility and the payout of more than $1 million in taxpayer money to settle false arrest lawsuits.

Two other officers, in unrelated federal cases, have been charged in recent weeks with criminal civil-rights violations accusing them of trumping up charges against innocent victims. In one case, on Staten Island, a white officer is accused of falsely arresting a black man and then bragging about it using a racial slur. And in the coming days, 16 officers are expected to face charges in a ticket-fixing scandal in the Bronx.
And don't worry about the rest of the folks in blue, because the Powers-That-Be™ are sure that all is well.
The mayor and Commissioner Kelly each defended the department, suggesting that the rogue actions of a few officers did not impeach the entire force.

“The sad reality is that some people are going to violate their oath of office,” Mr. Kelly said at the news conference, adding: “I would submit to you that it is a very small minority. But if you had 1 percent of 50,000 people you would have 500 people.”
Nothing to see here. Move along.

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Rich E said...

This type of behavior is not new - look at the movie Serpico. I remember growing that the cops would confiscate all the fireworks they found but it would not be turned in. On July 4th the streets they lived on had fireworks for hours. Apples, coffee donuts are were to be had for free. I don't know if anyone every thought not to give it but it was just accepted as a right. They are worse now and I attribute that to the militarization of the police by the Feds - IMHO.