Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Solyndra and the Chicago Way

What can I say?
Those of us from Chicago know exactly what the Solyndra scandal smells like. And It doesn't smell fresh and green.
Barack Obama's Solyndra scandal smells like it came from Chicago's City Hall - Chicago Tribune

This about sums up the whole fiasco.
Or, did you really believe it when the White House mouthpieces — who are also Chicago City Hall mouthpieces — promised they were bringing a new kind of politics to Washington?

This is not a new kind of politics. It's the old kind. The Chicago kind.
Pay to Play. Taking care of your own. Change you can believe in? Not hardly.

"So forget optics. What about smell? It smells bad, and it's going to smell worse."

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Zendo Deb said...

I really find it hard to believe that people could think that a politician from the city that gave us Blagojevich, (and Rezko, and a host of others) was going to bring good government to Washington.