Wednesday, November 23, 2011

25 Years in Jail for Murder

Justice? Maybe. Oxnard teen accepts plea deal in killing of gay schoolmate - San Jose Mercury News
McInerney pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter with use of a firearm in the fatal shooting of Larry King, 15.
King was murdered because when he was taunted for being gay, he didn't run away and cry, he through it back in his tormentors' faces. McInerney being one of them, and he couldn't take it as well as he could dish it out. So McInerney shot King. Executed him for being different.
The sentence for the murder charge will be waived and McInerney will accept a 21-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter at a Dec. 19 hearing. He will not get credit for the nearly four years he already has served or be eligible for parole, which will make him 38 years old when he gets out of prison. He will transfer from juvenile hall to a state prison after he turns 18 in January.
Probably the most justice that could be obtained in this case.


Ken O said...

I guess the powers that be don't consider queer kids' lives to be as valuable because they aren't breeders or some such.

Graybeard said...

This is obscene and makes me sick to my stomach.

A 21 year sentence typically means up for parole in 1/3 of that right? So 24?

Anonymous said...

He will be out before he turns 25. CA has serious overcrowding in it's prisons. They are under court order to reduce it. Either build more prisons or early release.

Zendo Deb said...

That's in part why I said "maybe." The problem is finding a jury that would convict a kid for murdering a queer. And Larry King was as queer as a 3-dollar bill. It was his right, but American really isn't about protecting the rights of the individual anymore. Not for a long time.

There isn't a lot of sympathy for the "other" in America today. Aside from the rise of hate crimes against gays, the Right is just having kittens over the end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. (When the truth is DADT let gays serve in the military for about the last 14 years. As long as they kept quiet.) And multiple marriages/divorces are OK - Rush Limbaugh anyone? - but gay marriage will destroy straight marriage. (Don't look at the financial disincentives in the health-care bill to staying married.)

I think it is doubtful a jury would convict to much more than this. Maybe 50% they would see 1st degree in this case. Maybe the DA didn't think so. (And DAs are all about win-loss percentages.) Or maybe the DA is a bigoted idiot and didn't really want to try a kid for killing a queer.

Ken O said...

I think that is why I enjoy reading your posts, Deb. I am conservative as hell on foreign policy, the economy, taxes and entitlements, but a laissez faire libertarian on the rest.