Saturday, November 26, 2011

But I Thought The UK Had Excellent Socialized Medicine

Britain has some of the worst cancer survival rates of the industrialised world following years of wasteful Labour government
Andrew Lansley: Labour failed to focus on what really matters: patients - Telegraph

It seems that spending on the "Health Care System" increased, but spending on actual health care did not.
They hugely increased spending on the health service, but wasted much of it on managers, failed IT projects and unsustainable [private finance initiative] projects.
They built facilities, hired managers, spent billions on computer systems - that didn't actually materialize in the end - and in general did everything but hire nurses and doctors, or pay to have the hospitals cleaned.
Hospital care following a stroke often fails to deliver the standards achieved in other countries.

The number of people with asthma who end up in hospital is too high. All of that was after a decade when Labour pushed through record spending increases.
I can't wait until we have socialized medicine.

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Graybeard said...

Don't worry, it's not that bad. It's worse.

Remember when a UK hospital patient was so thirsty he called police to try to get the NHS staff to bring him water? And died of dehydration?>

They can't even get the most basic of care right all the time. The UK National Health Serivce is the third largest employer in the world right now behind the Indian national railroads and the (Chicom) People's Liberation Army. You gotta figure "omelets: eggs". I can't wait for that treament here.